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Afraaz Irani_EV Charging Station

California’s Electric Companies Submit Plans for More EV Charging Stations

California’s leading electricity providers recently released plans to install more than 10,000 EV charging stations across the ...

Afraaz Irani_Amazon_Self-driving_Cars

Amazon Patent Hints at Self-Driving Car Plans

Amazon is continuing research into self-driving cars, according to a patent filed in November 2015 and newly approved last Tuesday. ...

Afraaz Irani_Smartphones and Cars

Smartphones Replacing Infotainment Systems In Cars

If you’ve purchased a new car recently, you’ve likely considered the value of in-vehicle infotainment. Designed to streamline ...

Afraaz Irani_Google-Autonomous-Cars

Google’s Alphabet Inc. Company and Their Self-driving Service

In 2009, Google's parent company, Alphabet, Inc, began the daunting task of researching and developing autonomous, or self-driving vehicles. This endeavor was aptly titled the “self-driving car project.” By 2012, their autonomous technology had clocked in more than 300,000 miles of driving time on ...

Afraaz Irani_Uber

Uber and Self-Driving Cars

In 2015, ride-share company Uber partnered with Carnegie Mellon University to create the Advanced Technology Center. The goal was to make self-driving cars a consumer reality. The National Robotics Engineering Center was also involved with the project, and took on the task of researching vehicle ...

Afraaz Irani_Chevy Volt

What We Know About The Chevy Bolt

The Chevrolet Bolt EV is due to be released later this year, and is expected to compete closely with the Tesla Model 3. Right now, it looks like Chevy will be beating Tesla to market. According to USA Today, The Model 3 is planned to be widely released in mid- or late-2017, with new orders not set for ...

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EV Charging Solutions

Electric vehicle sales are climbing. But  some consumers are hesitant to make the switch because of concerns that EVs can’t carry them long distances. And as long as charging infrastructure remains sparse, this is a valid concern. But the problem of too few charging stations may have found a ...