Fix Your Own Car

A large portion of the American population uses motorized vehicles as a primary means of transportation. However, many people have only a basic notion of how cars operate, and often refer to auto shops at the first sign of trouble. Knowing how to fix minor issues and perform maintenance on your car is not only incredibly cost-effective, but a great skill to learn and develop throughout your lifetime. Even simple repairs often come with very high costs at repair shops, and understanding how the car work is a truly valuable asset that can be applied to a number of other areas.

You don’t need a garage to do a large portion of the  work on your car. Basic repairs can be in a driveway, on jackstands, and anywhere else that gives you some room to move around. Sure, bad weather might occasionally pose a constraint, but most of the time you can get on with your maintenance wherever your car may be.

Once you’re properly equipped, it’s time to start looking around for information. There is a wealth of resources available, in the form of articles, websites, books, videos, and more. Most car models have an enthusiast forum where you can quickly learn about your car and ask questions. Fixing brakes, reading tire ratings, and the basics like changing a flat tire or restarting a dead battery: all of this and more is at your fingertips. We’ll review some basics topics here to get you started!