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Tesla’s AutoPilot

An innovative step Tesla took four years ago is now putting them well ahead of the autonomous car competition. In 2012 the automotive manufacturer introduced an around the clock cellular internet connection. As MIT Tech Review’s Tom Simonite has pointed out, this connectivity has proved to be what ...

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Hanergy’s Solar Cars

Chinese renewable energy company Hanergy has announced the launch of four models of solar-powered cars. These vehicles feature solar panels on the hood and the roof that, when fully extended, can provide a full charge in about six hours. Although Hanergy appears to be focused on the photovoltaic ...

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The Automotive and Tech Relationship

Bloomberg has shared a piece of data visualization that shows the relationships between automobile manufacturers and tech companies. The complex web highlights manufacturers’ desires to not lose out on profit, despite the (in some places) decreasing role that cars have in everyday life.  Fiat ...



Driverless cars have long been a fantasy, and they’re now bordering on the edge of reality. Well, technically, commercial reality— Google has been developing its autonomous driving technology for several years now. While we’re all acknowledging how convenient (and possibly safe) these new machines ...

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The Emergence of the Hybrid Hypercar

From 2009 to today, hybrid cars have gained greater appeal and acceptance among car enthusiasts. Moreover, in the last two years of the Le Mans 24-hour race, hybrid cars have scored big victories. Companies like Porsche, Toyota, and Audi now make hybrid cars that feature petrol-electric and ...

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What is Alignment and Why Does it Matter?

A wheel alignment refers to the adjustment of the angle of the wheels in relation to the road. Alignment is important for facilitating proper handling, tracking, and reduction of tire wear. It is a good idea to get your car regularly aligned, especially if your car is no longer tracking straight, your ...